Roofing Issues to Watch Out for in June

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Every season poses challenges for roofs, but summer is perhaps the harshest of them all, especially if you live in a storm-prone area. The sun’s harsh rays, rainwater, strong winds that try to rip off roofing components and carry debris are all harmful for roofs, but if you detect roofing problems in time, you can also counter them to make sure your roof stays healthy. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Moss and fungus – hot, moist weather encourages the growth of moss and fungal infestations become more frequent, too. In most cases, the problem can be noticed looking up on the roof on the ground – if you see any discoloured or dark patches on your roof, you need to take action to eliminate them immediately;
  • Damaged shingles or tiles – curling, blistering, torn shingles, chipped, cracked or missing tiles can cause leaks and they can lead to water damage in your attic, your rooms, even in your basement and in your foundation, so you need to address the problem instantly when you notice it as these signs are the majority of roof repair for Dexter MI roofing experts;
  • Gutter problems – don’t forget that your gutters are also part of the roofing system, so clean them to be able to detect problems, such as cracks, holes and sagging in time.

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Identifying the Most Crucial Ventilation Concerns: Does My Home Have Good Ventilation?

Roof Top Ventilation System

The problem of roof ventilation is one that many homeowners have to face once in a while. The combination of inadequate attic insulation and roof insulation can cause a lot of problems in the long run, and some of them are quite important to address.


Poor roof ventilation can cause the rapid deterioration of your roofing system. If you find that your roof is uneven, or upon inspection you discover that the decking and underlayment is suffering because of excessive moisture without any obvious source of a leak, chances are that the excess moisture appeared as a result of poor ventilation.


How else can you tell if your home has poor ventilation? Ice dams form when heat escapes from a poorly insulated attic. When that happens, you can often see large amounts of ice accumulating, and at the same time, you’ll find your attic is much colder than you’d be comfortable with.


In the summer you might also find that excessive heat can cause your AC unit to work much harder than usual. It may even overheat and malfunction as a result. This is a sure sign that your insulation and ventilation isn’t properly balanced. To rectify the problem, you can clear your vents, examine your attic and ceiling insulation and install added layers, or have a roofing contractor check up on your roof and suggest what repair work might be needed –

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The Importance of Considering the Option of Spring Home Insulation

Get Your Home Ready In Spring For Summer

Spring home insulation can be great, but in some cases, tasks like adding more insulation to your home can seem excessive, especially when winter has already passed. So, what should inspire you to try spring home insulation?


Depending on where you live, springtime can come quite quickly and last for just a brief period of time. The volatile weather you experience today in most parts of the country usually means you’ll have to deal with stranger, more unbalanced weather patterns such as earlier and warmer summers.


Under the circumstances, you’ll find that planning to install more insulation once spring comes is a great idea for areas where the winters are mild and the summers get extremely hot. If you live in an area like that, installing additional insulation in the spring will help you avoid the problem of overheating your home and overworking your AC unit.  Hire someone with experience in roofing Canton MI homes in your community.


Once you turn on the AC and cool your home, if you have a nice, strong steel door and good quality, vinyl or aluminum windows, you can expect your home to stay cool much longer. As a result, it’ll be much easier to maintain the temperature, so your AC unit won’t work too hard in doing so. With proper maintenance, you can, therefore, avoid AC unit malfunctions while also making sure your electricity bill stays at a manageable cost.

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How to Prepare and Upgrade Your Roof to Deal with Michigan Storms?

Storm With Lightning

Even if installing a brand new roof might be out of the question because of your budget constraints, there are still a lot of great ways to make sure your current roof can deal with the problems caused by Michigan storms. If you’re new to Michigan, and you just bought a house with a slightly dated roof, then you can look at this situation as an opportunity. You’ll get the chance to find exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to viable storm protection features, repairs and upgrades.


Depending on where you live, Michigan can have frightful weather almost all year round. In the south, frost-free periods are more prevalent, since the region is somewhat warmer. However, in the north of the state, you can experience a lot of snow storms in the winter and temperatures as low as -5 C.  It is important to have a local Elmhurst roofing professional out in the Spring to assess any cold weather damages.


Because Michigan has a temperate climate, you can experience all four seasons in the span of a year. As a result, a flexibly designed, energy-efficient roof will serve you best. Also, a cool roof combined with good insulation can be a good idea if you live in the warmer areas.


To make sure you can improve your chances at better results, consider installing solar panel roofing or a green roof. You can also try a reliable metal roof, and installing gutter guards to keep debris away from your gutters during the fall. Finally, make sure you conduct maintenance inspections at least twice every year (before summer and winter), to make sure your roof is in good order before a challenging period.

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How Can You Boost Your Home Value with a Newly Installed Roof?

Boost Above The Rest


A brand new roof might protect your house from storms and bad weather, but it can also have many other advantages. One of them is a financial benefit that states that, if you ever find yourself in a position to sell your home, the new roof you just installed will help you by raising the value of your home to a significant degree.


But just how much higher will you be able to take your price, when you do decide to sell your house? According to financial and real estate experts, a brand new roof can increase your home selling price by more than $12,000 on average. This means that even an affordable roofing system installed by a Livonia MI roofing professional, such as an asphalt shingle roof, will help you get your money back and a little extra – provided that you can use other measures as well to increase curb appeal.


The new roof will also offer additional benefits you can use to turn a sale to your advantage. You can, for example, point out to buyers that your warranty is a lot better than the warranties that older roofing systems have, and that the roof looks great against the background of your surrounding neighborhood.


There’s also a lot to talk about the newer upgrades and technologies involved with a newly installed roof. Cool roof technologies, upgraded attic ventilation and better insulating qualities are just a few of the valuable advantages that will be in store for your home’s prospective buyer.

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Avoiding Residential Roofing Scams – What Can You Do to Protect Yourself?

Licensed Contractor


When it comes to taking care of your roof, it’s important to avoid scammers who try to take advantage of unsuspecting residential homeowners. For that, however, you have to first be able to identify them.


It can happen that, after a storm you get a phone call, an email or even a knock on the door from people claiming they are professional roofers and that they can help you take care of your roofing problem – which you might not even have. In most cases, these people are just looking for a fast buck. To make sure you aren’t a victim of a scam, ask for some type of identification, such as a certificate or a license, and look up the company’s name online.


Additionally, it’s also important to ask for proof that the company that the technicians belong to also have insurance. It might not be easy to determine whether the insurance policy is genuine, but you can find a lot of additional tips for that online.


Finally, if you simply can’t determine whether or not the so-called “roofers” who have contacted you are legitimate, simply don’t let them in your house. Instead, if you suspect that you have roofing issues, contact an established and legitimate local Shelby roofers, ask them for a roofing inspection and a written estimate, and compare their services and prices to what other roofers have to offer, so you can make a thoroughly informed decision.

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Is It Time To Replace My Commercial Roof?

Commercial Building Owners

Commercial building owners are responsible for maintaining every part of their building, including the roof. When maintenance is not enough anymore to keep it in a good shape, a roof must be replaced.

But how can you tell that a commercial roof has to be replaced?

First, there are a few general rules to consider.

A poorly installed roof will likely fail sooner than it should and problems will never go away. Therefore, instead of investing money in costly repairs that will turn to be useless, consider replacing the roof altogether.  It’s best to have roofers with the experience in roofing Port Huron commercial buildings do an inspection.

Another situation that requires a replacement is when the old roof is severely damaged (more than 25%), in which case the repairs would cost more than a new roof, not to mention that they would only provide a short-term solution.

Not least, a roof that already reached the end of its lifespan should also be fully replaced.

You must also consider carefully various signs of roof damage and assess them correctly in order to identify the best solution. Some common problems are water leaks, broken or missing shingles, damaged flashing or gutters etc. and can be repaired, but only if they are identified early and stopped from causing extensive damage. Any commercial roof problem needs immediate attention, so never hesitate to call the specialists and schedule periodical inspections.





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