Avoiding Residential Roofing Scams – What Can You Do to Protect Yourself?

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When it comes to taking care of your roof, it’s important to avoid scammers who try to take advantage of unsuspecting residential homeowners. For that, however, you have to first be able to identify them.


It can happen that, after a storm you get a phone call, an email or even a knock on the door from people claiming they are professional roofers and that they can help you take care of your roofing problem – which you might not even have. In most cases, these people are just looking for a fast buck. To make sure you aren’t a victim of a scam, ask for some type of identification, such as a certificate or a license, and look up the company’s name online.


Additionally, it’s also important to ask for proof that the company that the technicians belong to also have insurance. It might not be easy to determine whether the insurance policy is genuine, but you can find a lot of additional tips for that online.


Finally, if you simply can’t determine whether or not the so-called “roofers” who have contacted you are legitimate, simply don’t let them in your house. Instead, if you suspect that you have roofing issues, contact an established and legitimate local Shelby roofers, ask them for a roofing inspection and a written estimate, and compare their services and prices to what other roofers have to offer, so you can make a thoroughly informed decision.

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Is It Time To Replace My Commercial Roof?

Commercial Building Owners

Commercial building owners are responsible for maintaining every part of their building, including the roof. When maintenance is not enough anymore to keep it in a good shape, a roof must be replaced.

But how can you tell that a commercial roof has to be replaced?

First, there are a few general rules to consider.

A poorly installed roof will likely fail sooner than it should and problems will never go away. Therefore, instead of investing money in costly repairs that will turn to be useless, consider replacing the roof altogether.  It’s best to have roofers with the experience in roofing Port Huron commercial buildings do an inspection.

Another situation that requires a replacement is when the old roof is severely damaged (more than 25%), in which case the repairs would cost more than a new roof, not to mention that they would only provide a short-term solution.

Not least, a roof that already reached the end of its lifespan should also be fully replaced.

You must also consider carefully various signs of roof damage and assess them correctly in order to identify the best solution. Some common problems are water leaks, broken or missing shingles, damaged flashing or gutters etc. and can be repaired, but only if they are identified early and stopped from causing extensive damage. Any commercial roof problem needs immediate attention, so never hesitate to call the specialists and schedule periodical inspections.





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What Are Composition Shingles?

Roof Done With Compostion Shingles

Composition shingles represent an innovative solution for roof construction, based on multiple layers: silicone sand, bitumen and pre-impregnated glass fiber. This structure provides very good mechanical strength. In addition, the copper metallic, titanium-zinc or aluminum film, as well as the ceramic granules colored at high temperatures, guarantee the chromatic stability of composition shingles.

Where are they used?

Composition shingles are suitable for most roofs:

  • residential houses
  • turrets
  • hostels and boarding houses
  • cottages etc.=

What should you consider before buying composition shingles?

First, you must calculate the roof surface and take into account various aspects included in your project, as well as field measurements:

  • the architectural recommendations in your area
  • the urban planning
  • your roof slope
  • the annual snow load in the area
  • the direction and power of the wind
  • the required accessories, as they may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer
  • the final price of the entire project

The advantages of composition shingles

This roofing material is popular because it provides good protection for affordable prices. It can be installed easily by a skilled East Lansing roofing contractor and, due to being lightweight, it reduces the pressure on the building`s structure.

Composition shingles are designed to withstand various weather conditions (UV rays, wind, hail, snow), they do not favor condensation, do not rust and require minimal maintenance. They come in a wide range of patterns and colors, which makes them versatile enough to match various roof types.


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What Problems Can a Storm Cause To Your Roof?

Pouring Heavy Rainstorm

Storms are weather phenomena that have the power to damage a roof. Even one of those brief summer storms can tear apart roofing materials, not to mention hurricanes or tornados… These weather conditions should always remind us to take our roof maintenance seriously.

A storm may cause minor damage due to various reasons. Rain driven by wind is able to enter even the smallest roof openings. In turn, wind can lose fasteners and scour debris from other areas bringing it in on the roof. These inconveniences may cause further long-lasting problems such as damp insulation, mold, rot, intermittent leaks and ponding.  They must not be ignored just because the damage is not so visible and does not seem extensive.

On the other hand, a big storm can also cause major damage that is evident immediately. Hail may pockmark and even break roofing material, some types of shingles may be peeled back by wind and, in some cases, the roofing material may be pushed up due to strong air pressure, literally tearing the roof off.

A roof collapse is catastrophic and nobody wants to experience such event, so make sure to maintain your roof periodically and call the specialists immediately after a storm in order to identify and repair any potential damage.

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How to Reduce Heat Loss in Your Home: Efficient, High Quality Attic Insulation

When it comes to insulating your home, there’s a good reason why most manufacturers of high quality insulation recommend that you focus on your attic first. While areas such as ceilings, floors and walls are also important, they pale in comparison to the amount of insulation recommended and by experts and even required by building codes in colder areas.

Attic Insulation Installation


Attic insulation is required because your roof and attic are at the highest risk of being subjected to strong winds. Even the best roofing systems are simply made from common roofing material and a wooden underlayment that provides very little protection in the face of freezing winds.


Additionally, living in cold areas with high enough precipitation can lead to ice dams forming on your roof. Along with factors such as freezing snow settling on your roof’s slope and occasional water seeping through damaged flashing, you can have yourself a serious problem when it comes to heat loss in the attic.


To counter these problems, certified roofing Livonia MI experts recommend attic insulation ranging between R38 and R60 in most mild to cold areas of the country. Wherever winter temperatures drop below freezing, a minimum thickness of attic insulation ranging between R50 and R60 might be recommended.


Blown in insulation is even a better choice than most other products, due to its excellent sealing qualities and ability to prevent heat from exiting through small crevices in your attic walls.

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What Are the Main Advantages of Blown in Insulation Products?

Blow in insulation can be somewhat underrated. Despite this fact, experts will tell you that this type of insulation has a few significant benefits that are especially seen in extreme cases:

Energy Efficient Advantages

  • The main advantage associated with versatile blow in insulation is that it’s capable of entering the smallest crevices and cracks through which air and heat can normally escape. The Shelby roofing professionals say it can add years to the life of your roof.  While this isn’t a big advantage in mild weather, it can carry a lot of weight when the temperatures drop below freezing level.
  • Because of its airtight qualities, blown in insulation can reduce noise significantly. So, if you also get a set of quality insulated windows, you can completely isolate your room against disruptive sound coming from traffic and other sources outside.
  • Blow in insulation can be somewhat more costly than the cheapest alternatives on the market, but its ability to help you save money on electricity can lead you to get your money back faster than you’d expect.
  • Blown in fiberglass and cellulose materials are fireproof. Whether you live in an extremely dry area where fires are common, or you run the risk of your house burning down as a result of an accident before the firefighters can arrive, your blow in insulation material might even save the day.

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What Are the Main Advantages of Installing Gutters with Leaf Guards?

Leaf guards are designed as filters that prevent leaves and other debris from entering the gutter system. If you have gutters with leaf guards installed, they can often prolong the life of your gutters and prevent debris from clogging and damaging them.

Following are just a few of the main advantages you gain by installing leaf guards:


  • The investment is minimal, and the installation process is extremely straightforward.
  • Leaf guards will prevent your gutters from clogging, which could lead to rust and extensive water damage affecting not only your gutters but your roof and siding as well.
  • In the winter, clogged gutter systems often lead to freezing and premature damage. Gutter guards can prevent that and keep your gutters functioning properly for a long time to come.
  • Maintenance will be less problematic, and you won’t need to repair your roof and gutters as often.
  • Gutter guards also offer excellent fire protection by keeping branches and dried leaves away from your home and roof.


You’ll find that the small effort and investment associated with installing leaf guards will be well worth it, according to experts in roofing East Lansing homes. In most cases, it will help you avoid thousands of dollars worth of repairs and give you peace of mind about most of your home maintenance tasks.

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